ACC3/RA3/KC3 Validation is a business created and inspired by the most experienced aviation security ixpert in polish security market - PhD Bartosz Stolarek, former National Coordinator of Aviation Security Trainings (Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Poland - CAA), Polish Association of Regulated Agents and Known Consignors Chief Executive Officer, accredited by President of CAA as an EU Aviation Security Validator.Along with Monika Sakowska, aviation security Instructor and Auditor, the only EU Aviation Security Validator in Portugal, creates an unique European team, acting in order to asses whether an applicant (ACC3, RA3, KC3) complies with requirements of Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 and its implementing acts. Experienced in a successful cooperation with worldwide entities, experts assure the best know-how implementation and price flexibility, giving your company an opportunity to rely on solutions that stand from the crowd.

Acting in accordance with the latest requirements, we are offering the following solutions to become an 'Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating intro the Union from a Third Country', a 'Third Country EU aviation security validated Regulated Agent' or a 'tird Country EU aviation security validated Known Consignor': 

  • on the desktop survey - weekly documentation expertise resulting in a report establishes the level of security applied to EU/EAA bound air cargo operations in respect of the security standard listed in the checklist or referend to therein - 1500 EUR / validation,
  • on site survey - on site visit confirming implementation  of the security programme in respect of the security standard listed in the checklist or referend to therein - 1500 EUR / validation plus additionally travel expensess and accommodation coverage.

To become ACC3, RA3 or KC3 or should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact

Link to ACC3/RA3/KC3 EU AVSEC Validator Information List

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