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AVSEC – we raise the standards of the air transport security

Avsec was created in response to the need of the companies commited to observe legal regulations within civil aviation security and the transpoort of dangerous materials by air.

We are aware that a constant development of the air transport requires modern and adjusted to reality security approaches. This is why our mission is to educate the persons its security depend on.

We offer online trainings for drivers who are in charge for the cargoes transport among airports in European Union and for the employees of the companies who run air business activity.

All the trainings available on the e-learning platform are completed with an exam. Succeding in a positive exam result entitles to a certificate in Polish, English or German, honored by the Civil Aviation Association



Graduate of post-diploma studies in Personnel Management Psychology at the University of Warsaw and the Aviation and Air Security of the National Defence Academy where he obtained the Aviation Management diploma.

He defended his doctorate dissertation entitled „The evaluation of effectivness of secure supply chain as a method of civil aviation security against acts of unlawful interference in freight transport” in the Warsaw School of Economics.

He has been running a business activity with the purpose to support the subjects participating in a secure supplies chain in the aviation transport. He founded the Polish Association of Regulated Agents and Known Consignors.

He actively promotes and supports the idea of ensuring cargoes security which allows to significantly reduce the control costs at the airports and actually affects the reduction of a delivery time of transported cargoes.


Graduate of the School of Detectives and Security Employees.
Manager in Aviation Security at the Regulated Agent. He supervises the realization of tasks of the persons in charge for the security control of cargoes and mail.
Internal Quality Control Auditor for civil aviation, certified by Aviation Authority.
He was registered by the President of the Civil Aviation Association on the list of the training instructors in civil aviation security. Since 2009 he has been empowered as a Security Control Operator in civil aviation.


Graduate of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw.

Internal Control Auditor in civil aviation, certified by the Aviation Association.

In terms of operation and formalities she supervises the work of security control operators at the Regulated Agent.

The President of the Civil Aviation Association registered her on the list of instructors in civil aviation security.


Business consultant and marketing expert. She graduated from the Warsaw University where she defended her MA thesis in marketing and management. Further stage of the development of her professional interests were three faculties of post-diploma studies at the Leon Koźmiński Academy connected with: online marketing, public relations and personnel management in a company. Her articles, analyses, and expert comments may be found on industry portals and in industry magazines.

She has been observing marketing trends and best practice in business. In her everyday work she applies the best action strategies and offers the most efficient business solutions. Thanks to her support, the companies realize assumed objectives as well as optimize their operation costs.


Internal Quality Control Auditor and Civil Aviation Security Instructor. He has many years of professional experience, which he initially gained while serving in the Vistula Military Units subordinate to the Minister of the Interior as a pyrotechnician – dog handler. A long-time Border Guard officer as a dog guide in the Flight Safety Group at the Warsaw – Okęcie Airport. Participant of national and international training courses related to civil aviation security. Certified operator of security control. Certified civil aviation security instructor. Certified internal quality control auditor in the field of civil aviation security.