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Pre-certification audit as a Regulated Agent has in its offer security control of air cargo as well as management of the certification process in order to obtain the Known Consignor status for producers who send their product to recipients by air. Our experience shows that most companies which know the benefits resulting from the possession of Known Consignor status are convinced that the implementation of a secure supply chain will entail significant costs and operational difficulties resulting from the need to comply with civil aviation security regulations, i.e. safe road transport, drivers trainings, quality control, etc. In general, these concerns are not justified. We have conducted the majority of Known Consignors in Poland through the certification process carried out by the Civil Aviation Authority and we can conclude that the costs related to obtaining the status are much lower than the benefits resulting from the exemption of air cargo from security control. Taking the foregoing into account, company proposes a service at an attractive price, which consists in conducting an initial audit estimating all expenses related to obtaining the status of a Known Consignor.

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