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Avsec Solutions for Carriers Looking to Elevate Their Business to the Next Level

We present solutions that we provide to transportation companies through our proprietary Avsec Control platform. These solutions not only make it easier to fulfill the legal requirements for carriers in terms of security, but also optimize business processes and establish new contacts. All this allows for an increase in the number of contracts, revenues, and consequently, takes your transportation business to a higher level.

SPX Training – Enhancing Skills and Knowledge

Safety in the supply chain is crucial for the efficiency and credibility of transport companies. One way to ensure high security standards is to participate in specialized civil aviation security training, commonly known as SPX training.

SPX training is not only essential for ensuring safety in transport but is also required by law. According to international regulations, including European Union regulations, companies involved in transporting goods in a secure supply chain must regularly train their employees in aviation security in accordance with section of EU Regulation 2015/1998.

In Poland, these legal requirements are reflected in the regulations concerning road and air transport. Our courses focus on the latest methods of cargo protection, security control procedures, and regulations governing international transport.

SPX training is primarily aimed at operators and employees of transport companies, as well as all those involved in logistics processes. This group includes drivers, as well as managers and decision-makers.

The implementation of SPX training through the Avsec Control platform offers many benefits. Firstly, it provides access to current knowledge and best practices, which is crucial in a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Secondly, the platform offers flexible training forms in e-learning, allowing participants to tailor their learning to individual needs and schedules. Additionally, the training conducted by Avsec Control is prepared by experienced and Civil Aviation Authority certified experts in aviation security, ensuring high quality and effective learning.

Another significant advantage is that Avsec Control provides complete documentation and certification upon completion of the training, which is essential for meeting legal and regulatory requirements. Participation in these trainings not only increases the safety of cargo and transport operations but also builds the company’s reputation as a responsible and professional partner in the industry.


SPX Umbrella Service – Comprehensive Protection in Transport

The SPX Umbrella is an innovative service dedicated to freight forwarders and transport companies delivering air cargo. It allows forwarding companies to access carriers verified by Avsec with SPX status. Meanwhile, transport companies can join the secure supply chain with SPX status endorsed by Avsec and receive SPX orders from forwarding companies.

The SPX Umbrella service offers comprehensive protection of cargo in transport. It is a particularly useful solution for companies that want to ensure the highest level of security for their clients.

Offered by Avsec, the SPX Umbrella service provides comprehensive protection within the supply chain. A key aspect of this service is Avsec’s assumption of full responsibility for the security of transported goods. This allows transport companies to focus on their core business activities, confident that safety matters are in the hands of experienced professionals.

Benefits for clients using the SPX Umbrella Service:

SPX Fraight Exchange – A Platform for Verified Business Partners

Another solution that can support transport companies in joining a secure supply chain is the SPX Fraight Exchange. Available on the Avsec Control platform, it allows for efficient management of cargo and vehicles. Companies can find orders and contractors here. This exchange also serves as an excellent platform for establishing business contacts and exchanging information, invaluable in the dynamically changing world of logistics.

The SPX Fraight Exchange, offered by Avsec, is a unique platform that connects transport companies with credible and verified contractors. Thanks to Avsec’s rigorous verification process, each participant in the exchange guarantees the highest standards and compliance with legal requirements.

Verification and Legal Compliance:

Participation in the Exchange and Business Development:

The SPX Fraight Exchange by Avsec is not just a platform for exchanging transport orders but also a tool for business development, building a strong market position, and expanding operations into new, more demanding market segments. Participating in the exchange is a step towards the future, where safety and reliability are keys to success.

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