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Approved Haulier

Start > Approved Haulier Sp. z o.o. offers a comprehensive service for managing the certification process to achieve the status of an Approved Haulier, in accordance with the provisions of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2015/1998. Our offer includes supporting companies at every stage of this process, from identifying needs to obtaining a certificate granted by the Civil Aviation Authority and maintaining it.

Our Experience

As a Registered Agent (RA/PL/00044 – 01 and RA/PL/00044 – 02), we have 16 years of experience in implementing air transport security solutions and conducting both in-person and e-learning training sessions. Our activities are supported by a customer database participating in a secure supply chain, confirming their compliance with aviation security requirements.

Avsec Control Platform

Our proprietary IT tool, the Avsec Control Platform, is a key element supporting the management of certification processes. The platform enables efficient management of documentation, quality control, and training in the field of civil aviation protection.

Certification Stages

The certification process includes the following stages:
1. entering into a cooperation agreement,
2. a series of mandatory training sessions for employees (along with background checks performed by the employer),
3. submission of an application to the Civil Aviation Authority,
4. development and implementation of a Security Program,
5. internal audits and an inspection visit from the Civil Aviation Authority,
6. sending the final report and obtaining the certificate of an Approved Road Carrier.

Service Details

Our offer includes support at every stage, from identifying needs, through regulatory consulting, to representing the company in the certification process. Additionally, every participant in the training receives a certificate confirming the acquisition of qualifications in accordance with the regulation requirements.

After Certification

After obtaining the certificate, the company is obliged to continue supervising compliance with security requirements and regular internal audits, which are crucial for maintaining the status of an Approved Road Carrier.

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