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SPX Trainings

Preparation and transport of cargo by air requires a special protection. As of 2010, the way of transportation, storage, reception and delivery of air cargo is defined by the EU regulations. All the matters concerning an air business activity are regulated by the provisions of the EU regulations. Also the employees are responsible for protection and security of the transported and shipped cargo. Therefore each person whose activities involve air cargo is responsible for assuring compliance with the regulations statements and assume full responsibility for applying the provisions while performing his/her duties.

The purpose of SPX training is a discussion of international, European Union and national legal regulations in regres to civil aviation security as well as familiarization with the rules of civil aviation system operation againts acts of unlawful interference including i.a. other actions and manipulations of third persons.


Drivers performing duties which include air cargo transport.


DGR Trainings

Any objects or materials that may threaten the security, health, property or environment are classified as dangerous goods. This include among other: acids and alkalis (they react with metals the aircraft is made of), flammable gases (they are a combustion mixture when combined with air) or fats (they react with oxygene inducing self-combustion).

In the transport of dangerous materials in an aircraft, it is crucial to strictly follow rigid security rules and to be conscious that failing it may result in a disaster. Due to a high risk of an endangered security, the transport of dangerous goods by air is governed by the laws settled by the International Civil Aviation Organisation as well as additional provisions settled by IATA, i.e. International Air Transport Association that are updated annually.

The purpose of the DGR training is getting familiar by the participants with currect law regulations, information on transport responsibility, rules of classification, packing, identification, storage, loading and unloading as well as transport of dangerous materials by air.