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Approve Haulier Certification

17 April, 2024

In connection with the adoption of new EU regulations concerning the approval process for road carriers carrying out […]

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Enhanced Background Check

07 March, 2024

As of January 1, 2022, new European Union requirements regarding aviation security related to enhanced background checks have […]

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The Role of the Security Manager in Ensuring a Safe Supply Chain in Air Transport

11 December, 2023

In a world where globalization and the speed of delivery play a key role, air transport is becoming […]

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How to Become a Known Consignor in Air Transport? Key Steps and Advanced Strategies

18 October, 2023

In the world of civil aviation, the status of a Known Consignor is more than just prestige. It’s […]

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Key Aspects and Challenges in Air Cargo

04 October, 2023

The air cargo market is not only one of the most crucial segments of global logistics, but it […]

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Aviation security consulting

05 May, 2021

Even though seems that the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly paused aviation since 2020, aviation security continues its never-ending […]

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Cost optimization – aviation security

22 March, 2021

In a market hugely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic on top of shrinking prices and increased competition, entities […]

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Avsec Control – outsourcing for transport companies

21 April, 2018

Legal changes concerning a necessity of ensuring the security upon transporting of air cargoes require from the managers […]

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Secure supply chain – course and benefits for companies

04 December, 2017

Supply chain means nothing else but a generally called process of transporting goods from their origin point to the […]

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What will gain the entity by obtaining the status of the Regulated Agent or known/recognized consignor?

30 November, 2017

The status of a Regulated Agent, known or recognized consignor is expressed in specified advantages in terms of a […]

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