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How to Become a Known Consignor in Air Transport? Key Steps and Advanced Strategies

In the world of civil aviation, the status of a Known Consignor is more than just prestige. It’s a strategic element that can significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of your business. In this article, we will delve into the key steps and advanced strategies that will help you achieve this valuable status.

KNOWN CONSIGNOR: Faster, Cheaper, and More Secure Air Cargo Transport


The status of a Known Consignor is available to manufacturers and companies that regularly ship their goods by air. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with large-scale logistics operations.

What Are the Benefits of Being a KNOWN CONSIGNOR?

  1. Cargo Exempt from Security Checks: This means shorter cargo handling times, ensuring the integrity of the shipment throughout the transport, and avoiding the costs of security checks.
  2. Credibility and Reputation: The status of a Known Consignor increases trust among partners and clients, which can be crucial when entering into new contracts.
  3. Cost Optimization: Fewer delays and lower costs associated with checks translate into lower operational costs.

What Conditions Must a Manufacturer Meet to Become a KNOWN CONSIGNOR?

  1. Designation of a person responsible for security, who has access to confidential information marked with the clause “restricted.”
  2. Protection against unauthorized interference with the product intended for air transport during production, packaging, storage, and shipping.
  3. Conducting background checks and training employees who have access to air shipments.
  4. Creating a document describing the applied security measures – a security program.
  5. Organization of a system for internal security audits.

Who Can Grant the Status of a KNOWN CONSIGNOR?

The status of a Known Consignor is designated by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Advanced Strategies

  1. Integration with Quality Management Systems: This allows for better monitoring and management of processes, as well as easier audits.
  2. Procedure Automation: Use of advanced IT systems to automate procedures related to security and logistics.
  3. Advanced Training: Regular, specialized training for employees in the field of security, customs procedures, and risk management.
  4. Data Analysis and KPIs: Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and continuous data analysis can help further optimize processes.
  5. Strategic Partnerships: Collaboration with other entities possessing the status of a Known Consignor can open up new business and logistical opportunities.


The status of a Known Consignor is not just about prestige but also offers concrete financial and operational benefits. The process of obtaining this status is complicated and requires advanced knowledge and understanding of industry specifics. Therefore, it’s worth investing in specialized consulting and advanced management tools.