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Secure supply chain – course and benefits for companies

Supply chain means nothing else but a generally called process of transporting goods from their origin point to the destination location. Upon the entire process it is the transport that is important but also dynamic relations among logistics companies trucks’ drivers, air carriers or customs agents.

If transported goods are used for production, a supply chain may also include – apart from goods’ purchase and their transport – also a process of an assembly, storage and supply to the distribution centers or clients. Individual subjects participating in a secure supply chain are commited not only to perform a security control but also to a cargo protection and its proper protection againts the acts unlawful interference on the entire transport route.

Potential participants of a secure supply chain are recognized or known consignors responsible to the cargo’s origin as well as a Regulated Agent, whose responsibility is scanning of a cargo or mail and passing it to an air carrier therefore the last link of chain. The subjects admitted for an activity as Regulated Agents are among other air carriers, groundhandling agents and freight forwarders. Scanning of the cargo may be performed exclusively by a registered agent.

Ensuring secure supply chain, cooperating partners gain numerous benefits. There are among other: reducing to the minimum a necessity of the goods’ handling and increase of the handling fees. A superior advantage is above all is an increase of freight forwarder’s credibility as a Regulated Agent and the goods’ exporter as a known or recognized consignor in the air transport market.

Every economic operator who is granted a certificate is commited to implement and maintain in the entity a continuity of application of specific security measures upon a transport and custom clearance of air cargoes. Obtaining the certificate of the Civil Aviation Association confirms both – meeting by the entity of demanding requirements concerning a transport security and a specialized knowledge of the personnel cooperating with clients of the entity.

Obtaining the certificate is compliant with the regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council for rules of civil aviation protection in commonand the status confirmed with the certificate – recognized by the airports all over the world.